gang zu den zimmern


rotes zimmer

grosses zimmer

bedroom 1



afrik zimmer

afrikanisches zimmer

africa zimmer

bedroom 2

bedroom 3


zimmer 1

erstes zimmer

All three bed rooms have queen size beds and mattresses.
Andre Renault is one of the leading bedding to be able to claim dual certification for company
(ISO 9001 issued by AFAQ) and products (CTBA).
5Couchage 2 times elastorem soyabeans - 2x5 inch - air profile, facing summer fiber.
Wool winter side. Aeroflex band.
Thickness 24 cm.All the furniture is solid wood. Like the beds, the decoration is particularly neat.
The wall coverings are made of brushed and colored pastel organic diluted lime .
The flooring oak combined to the ceiling
nordic pine wood gives these bed rooms a real harmony.

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