Region : Midi-Pyrénées
Department : Gers (32)
Postcode : 32 700
Residents: 3 700

Francescas - Lectoure : 21 miles

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the city Lectoure

Lectoure, once an important stopping point on the pilgrimage route to St Jacques de Compostelle, is set in the heart of the Gers, French foie gras and armagnac territory, the sa called Gascony.

Lectoure is the old capital of the Lomagne region, lying between the rivers Gers and Garonne, and was once the base of the counts of Armagnac. Though in 1472 Louis XI entered the town on false promises and proceeded to kill the count and damage the town. When Auch became the capital of Gers, Lectoure became a much quieter town.

Lectoure - view from the valley

In the Middle Ages, the city became the capital of the county, as it was the main seat of residence for the Counts of Armagnac and the Viscounts of Lomagne. In the 13th Century, the Bishop of Lectoure, Lord Geraud of Monlezun, had the cathedral built, and it was here that he greeted Edward 1st, King of England. According to local history, the town in fact was host to a great many other famous people, including Richelieu and Ann of Austria in 1632,
and King Louis XIVth and the Queen in 1659.
Lectoure was also the birthplace of various illustrious men of state such as Marshal Lannes, General Laterrade, General Lagrange, General Subervie, and General Soules.
Today, Lectoure continues to enjoy its special way of living, it has both a village and country atmosphere : shops are full of local products including the famous “Lectoure melons”, and the numerous street markets/festivals and fairs bring extra life to the city.

Lectoure sits high above the Gers River and wandering around the town there are many splendid views of the farming landscape below.

Lectoure is an attractive town whose centre runs down one main street with a pretty hospital and the town’s station thermale (spa) at one end and the cathedral of St Gervais and St Protais at the other. The cathedral is 15th century, built after Louis XI destroyed the previous one.

the cathedral St. Gervais St. Protais

The cathedral has a striking tower with a kind of round turret attached to the bell-tower.

Next to the cathedral is the tourist office and town hall. The town hall was originally the Episcopal palace, in the 17th century, and in its cellars there is a museum. The museum contains 20 Gallo-Roman alters decorated with sacrificial animals.

Wander down below the town hall and there is the Fontaine Diane - a spring inside a little gothic building and at one stage the source of water for an active tannery industry in the town. Diana's Fountain dates back to roman times, though much of what you see now dates from the 13th century onwards.

View over the valley  to the Pyrenees

Scattered around Lectoure there are a lot of interesting stonework and attractive buildings. These include some large 18th century mansions. One of these, once the Hotel de Castaing, is now the Hotel Restaurant de Bastard and looks very pleasant.
Apart from its many sites to visits, as well as shops, restaurants, and bars Lectoure is also a spa town, and has fabulous state-of-the-art thermal baths and beauty centre situated in the converted beautiful 18th century hotel.
Here you can enjoy the hydrotherapy pools with hot mineral rich thermal waters, saunas, cures and massages… perfect healthy pampering.

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