Region : Aquitaine
Department: Lot et Garonne (47)
Postcode : 47170
residents : 800

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Francescas - Moncrabeau: 8 miles

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the village Moncrabeau

Moncrabeau, small village overlooking the valley of Baïse is located at the boundary of Lot-et-Garonne and Gers.
Who may come by road from Nerac or from Condom, or by boaton the Baïse, the traveler sees on his route a little village perched on the hillside: Moncrabeau appears, surrounded by fields, meadows and greenery, overlooking the valley.


Moncrabeau in 2010

This valley is the backbone of the town. From the Pyrenean foothills and heading towards the valley of the Garonne, the Baïse is a major area of north-south roads coming both from Nerac-Condom, as well as the railway since the nineteenth century and since 1995 Navigation craft on the Baïse.

Moncrabeau, a village of liars

If the name of Moncrabeau crossed the borders not only of the region of the Baïse but also of France, the reason is undoubtedly a tradition since the eighteenth century, which has firmly established the reputation of the villagers whom he whispers they have mastered the art of "misrepresenting the truth, at any time and any place."

Numerous castles, fortified houses, mansions found throughout the town, witnesses quality architecture that has developed between the Renaissance and the Revolution. There are also scattered, interesting elements of the rural heritage: farmhouses, pigeon lofts and laundries are witnessing a common life which ends with changes in the twentieth century.


the church Moncrabeau

Moncrabeau, resort tourism

With camping, the water spot and its many cottages, the village has welcomed lovers of ecotourism.
Moncrabeau offers also a pool and a public library, museum of vintage clothing, two hiking trails, a "circuit of liars" and many other walks to discover the local heritage.


the castle Lescout near Moncrabeau



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