The region of Armagnac starts right from Francescas.
This small village is the door to the Armagnac!

Armagnac is a region historically known for its cuisine and savoir vivre, which straddles three departments: moors and foie gras,gers and chickens,
and Lot-et-Garonne and prunes.
Armagnac liqueur also contributes much to its gastronomic reputation, to visit the region and the producers is a must.

Armagnac is the oldest eau-de-vie made from wine produced in the South West of France, in the heart of Gascony. It is obtained by distilling white wine in an Armagnac still and implementation of long years aging in oak barrels before being marketed. It comes in blends, or specificity Armagnac, in vintages.

Above all, Armagnac is a craft product, produced in small quantities by vine growers and trade houses hold a former expertise. The diversity of soils, grape varieties, give this eau-de-vie personality rich, diverse, close to nature and men who make it.

verre armagnac
vigne armagnac

The water spirits of the region permanently and officially took the name in 1909 by the Appellation.
Although the first commercial messages that do not quote in 1461 for regulating the sale. The 'Aygues Burning', is already known as aqua burning around 1310 at the Vatican, where the texts boast.
Bordeaux merchants who obtained protectionist privileges for their wines, have blocked the export of those of Armagnac. We then started to distill massive white wines in the course of the fifteenth century.
His virtues and qualities so necessary; first used as a medicine, its consumption will soon become widespread. It will be very popular especially Dutch sailors, who used to keep the wines on long journeys, and that enabled the spread of his fame.



While businesses are developing water-to-life's (grains, fruits, potatoes), Cognac made its appearance in 1725. Water spirits of wine, too, will benefit from its maritime position to grow faster than the Armagnac. At the point that confusion is often made between these two names which have in common that the nature of the product.
Armagnac is also he remained brandy connoisseurs privileged life.
Today's explosion of trade internationnal will foster the development of this water of life of luxury, confined and excluded from major markets has always been more oriented towards quality where others choose the volume.


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