Region : Aquitaine
Department: Lot et Garonne (47)
Postcode : 47430
residents : 1 239

Francescas-Buzet sur Baïse: 20 miles

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The port of Buzet gateway for river tourism in Albret:
The new village already had a hold on the Baise, redone in 1878. Today, the port city is an important point for navigation. A double lock allows the passage of the lateral canal of the Garonne to the Baise. The lateral canal, which measures 193 km, has 53 locks and several bridges channel.
Due to its location as a crossroads between Baise, Lot, Garonne and the side channel, the Port of Buzet offers many opportunities for discovery of Albret and Lot-et-Garonne.
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Buzet wine:
Ideally located in the heart of the "coasts Buzet", the city of Buzet gave its name to the wine produced in the north of the Pays d'Albret. Recognized wine, Buzet is classified AOC since 1973.
The varietals are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Besides plusuers independent growers, the prodution is organized around the cellar "wine Buzet" creates 1955. She has produced 4000 barrels on the spot by two craftsmen coopers. Notice to wine lovers ...

cave de buzet
chateau de buzet
Castle Buzet:
Pillaged by the English in the thirteenth century, the castle was a stronghold of Buzet Catholic during the wars of religion. Overlooking the valleys of the Baïse, the Garonneand the Lot, it belonged to Homes Pines, Ravignan of Noailhan, Caumont and Flamarens. 
In the first quarter of the 19th century, economic changes entail the abandonment of the old town castral on the spur of the Castle of the fifteenth century for the benefit of habitat in the plains near the Baise and road-Damazan Nerac. In 1832, the town of Buzet is transferred to a place called "Lagravère" where there will be construction of a public square and a town hall. The town hall is built in the second quarter of the 19th century halfway between Baise and the road Damazan at Nerac. By 1850, the church of Buzet-le-Haut is closed to the public. Several locations are proposed to better understand the development of the village: one at the center of the village was abandoned in favor of a larger site west of town along the road to Xaintrailles. The Church of the nineteenth century, Gothic style, was built by Verdier, architect of the Church of the Petit Nerac and staircase.
port de buzet
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